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Arkisafe was established in 2016, based on an ambition to gather and build knowledge and competencies that contribute to increased safety for patients, citizens and staff in challenged environments. The goal was to create a more normalized environment that contributes to better healing and a safer everyday life for patients, citizens, staff and relatives.

The ambition stems from many years of work in psychiatry with the delivery of curtain solutions. Over the years, we had accumulated a lot of knowledge and had many good conversations with clinical and technical staff. It was with the background of these conversations that we could see a need for increased focus on safe interior design in challenged environments.

Arkisafe develops and sells a number of unique violence, self-harm and suicide prevention products, all of which aim to create increased well-being, safety and normalization for users and employees in, for example, psychiatry, detention centers, settlements and asylum centers.

We do this in close cooperation with key people from the environments. Our products and solutions are purchased or developed in continuation of conversations with clinical and/or technical staff in psychiatry and other challenged environments.

We want to create value-adding designs with insight, knowledge and commitment that can contribute to a better and more normalized everyday life. We design and develop with both legs firmly planted on the ground. It must be innovative, simple, solid, safe and, above all, make a difference to patients, citizens and staff.

Since 2016, it has become a wide range of solutions that make it possible to meet most needs in the interior design of a safer and normalized environment with everything from curtains, interior design of bathrooms, doors, windows and much more.

Our knowledge and insight, as experts in interior design in challenged environments, means that we can inspire, advise and contribute to making a difference, for the benefit of patients, citizens, relatives and staff.

Arkisafe has in recent years been involved in many diverse projects. There are never two projects that are the same. Systematic evaluation and follow-up on all projects has given us valuable knowledge and experience, which we carry on to future tasks and projects. This makes us experts in our field, but also means that we constantly build up more knowledge and ensure that we always deliver the best solution and not necessarily the most complex or most expensive solution.

For more knowledge, you are always welcome to contact us by phone:
26 80 48 48 or mail arkisafe@arkisafe.dk

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