Our partner Pineapple has invested a lot of time researching mental health over the years, and therefore understands exactly why and how seating should be soft, vandal-proofed and safe from injury and self-harm. It is partly on this basis that they have developed the Soft & Secure series.


Among the show’s favorites are the Boden beanbags, which can be used for sensory stimulation, relaxation and well-being. The boden can be used in situations where there is extra focus on calm. These are perfect for sitting and lying in and can be easily moved around. The beanbags are available in 3 shapes; standard beans, an extra large circle and a chair. All models are available in many different qualities of padded colors with “invisible” zippers that are hidden behind stitching for safety reasons.

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Contessa also part of the Soft & Secure series, and is a hard pillow which is very suitable for use as a seating chair. It is ideal for use in common rooms, assembly rooms, music rooms and everywhere else where soft secured chairs are needed.

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If you are looking for new furniture challenging environments, there are plenty of options in the wide range from Pineapple.


If you have any questions of any kind, please contact Cornelia Løvenskjold on cornelia@arkisafe.dk or telephone 4497 1188.


Download our brochure with all soft & secure products via this link (PDF)