A status of the project for the secured residential institution Koglen

At Arkisafe, we value sharing knowledge about our projects. We are therefore continuously in dialogue about the projects we have been involved in, and think it is natural to share the knowledge and feedback we receive, in order to help and inspire others to make the best decisions in relation to creating safe and normalized environments.

One of our first projects we delivered about 3 years ago to the Secured Institution Koglen, where the task was to decorate a youth room.

In close cooperation with the management and staff at Koglen, we designed a youth room and bathroom, as homely and normalized as possible. An important prerequisite for the project was that the furniture should be able to cope with severe violence and that all elements of the interior design should prevent the possibility of self-harm and be suicidal.

It is now about to be 3 years – and many other exciting projects ago. A time that has allowed us to create many new relationships and new projects, focusing on preventing self-harm, violence and suicide with our interior design.

We have regular contact with Koglen and follow up on how the use of the room goes and the feedback is positive. The room will work as intended.

See more pictures and read about the project at The Secured Institution Koglen here

“Every year at the secured residential institution Koglen we receive between 40 and 60 crime-threatening and convicted children and young people from all over the country. In several cases, there has been a need to ensure the continued development and well-being of young people by, among other things, establishing a special youth room that better meets the individual needs of the young person.

We regularly receive young people who react strongly to a placement. Either by being outwardly responsive, where the experience is often that young people try to engage in vandalism to a not insignificant extent, or by exhibiting self-harming and/or suicidal behaviour.

“The main goal at Koglen has been to establish a room that prevents young people from being injured on the basis of a principle that the room and the corresponding bathroom are built and decorated with a choice of materials that radiates normality.” Steffen Albertsen explains

Above you can hear Lars Emil Andersen, Area Manager for Grenen, Koglen and MultifunC, Region Midtjylland comment on the new youth rooms at the secured residential institution, which prevents vandalism and suicide, but at the same time offers a cozy and stressful environment. This is a pilot project which may provide a school for other secured departments.

The video was produced by Jan Hallin, Communication Officer in Psychiatry and Social, Region Midtjylland

If you would like more information about the project or the solutions used, you are welcome to contact Cornelia Løvenskjold at cornelia@arkisafe.dk, direct phone 26804848 or 44971188.