From Safehinge Primera we can now present an anti-barricade door that is specifically designed for psychiatry and other challenged environments. With its aesthetic design, the door solution allows for normalized and safe environments that benefit both patients and employees.

The solution is distinguished by being easy to install in existing environments and is also characterized by:

  • The fastest access to space though there have been attempts at barricade. In under 2 seconds it is possible to enter the patient, which is the fastest solution on the market.
  • The anti-barricade stop feature works even under pressure and without creating danger to staff when the door is opened.
  • The solution is extremely robust and has passed 12 abuse tests
  • The door is equipped with an alarm system that detects any ligature attempt across the entire door (optional)

Emergency access in just 2 seconds

Our robust, easy-to-use door stops are activated from a single release point, providing emergency access to space in just two seconds.

Staff are ideally placed to offer help

The staff are placed safely on the side of the doorway so they won’t be hit if the door unexpectedly opens – and they are in the best position to enter the room and offer immediate help. When the door is opened, they also have a clear line of sight entering the room.

Door design creates homely and normalized environments

Like at home, the handle is the only visible metalwork on the inside of the door. All visible screws are powder coated to reduce their visual impact and help to create a normal environment for the patient.

Read more about the unique anti-barricade door solution at Safehinge Primera or contact our consultant Cornelia Løvenskjold at or phone +45 4497 1188.