At Arkisafe, we are proud to have partnered with SOPU Copenhagen to lend products to design a psychiatry lab. The products should help provide students with the best framework for learning in relation to working with patients within psychiatry.


All products are designed for challenged environments where safety and a normalized interior design are the focus. The products must be included in the teaching to prepare the students as best as possible for the work of patients within psychiatry.


From our range of preventive products in the field of self-harm and violence, there are exhibits:

Secured cutlery and service

– Suicide prevention solution

– Products for the fitting-out of bathrooms

– Suicide prevention hooks

– Wardrobe décor

– Lounge furniture

– Bed



We are very pleased with the agreement, which greatly supports our ambition, in close cooperation with our customers, to develop and deliver products and solutions that provide increased well-being, safety and normalization for patients and employees. We work closely with leading suppliers who support the ambition and the dream of providing complete solutions to challenging environments where operational economy, security and functionality are the focus.


The Psychiatry Lab officially opens on Thursday, 14 October 2017. On 15 June, the Knowledge Centre for Welfare Technology/East Denmark will hold their first half-year conference. Read more about the Conference People, Welfare and Technology here.


For further information, please contact Cornelia Løvenskjold on 2680 4848 or