14, 2015, in New. On 1Nov, The Knowledge Centre for Welfare Technology/East Denmark will hold a conference and exhibition based on the specialty area SOSU and PAU. In this connection, we are happy to join, and open on the day our “Archisafe Psychiatry lab”, where many of our specially developed products for psychiatry are on display. We look forward to sharing knowledge with the students and focusing on how to organise suicide prevention and thereby give patients and staff a safer and more normalized everyday life. On the day we are present at the “Archisafe Psychiatry Lab” on the 2nd. We are looking forward to exciting dialogues. From our range of preventive products there are exhibited:

The conference and exhibition will be held on 14.11 from 14:00 to 20:00. 9 a.m.-6 p.m. at SOSU H, Room 1:16 p.m. The address is Skelbækgade 1, 1717 Copenhagen V. Read more about the conference and sign up at this link For further information contact Cornelia Løvenskjold on 2680 4848 or