Maybe no, but we absolutely love this safe and special window specially developed for psychiatry and prisons

Where everything one needs is in one solution.

The all-new Humber window from Polar, consists of an external sliding frame operated by a reduced ligature, rotary knob, where access to the external sliding frame is limited by an internally removable stainless steel PolarMesh.

PolarMesh can only be removed by staff or e.g. operations department.
It is possible to clean the inside of the sliding frame or the option to replace PolarMesh.

The exterior sliding frame has the ability to lock in 3 positions (Fully open, Midpoint or Fully Closed) to allow personnel control over the level of natural airflow and temperature in the room. To promote the safety and security of the window, there are no glass moldings.

The window comes in many different colors.

If you want to create a window section with the possibility of safe natural ventilation, we can recommend the Medlock Trickle Vent.


This solution is fixed as a top light on our full range of window solutions. Medlock is operated via a tilt handle on the lower level, located on either the left or right side of the window, it is also attached. The vent valve is internally protected by our stainless steel PolarMesh to allow 40% natural airflow without compromising safety.