In addition to new colourful walls and a general “upgrade” of the rooms, a major renovation and modernization of the living spaces in Vordingborg has also included the establishment of safe and homely environments for patients and staff. The living rooms are now furnished with safe and homely furniture from Pineapple, allowing for a normalized everyday life and great flexibility in relation to the different needs of the department.

Snug sofa, which is constructed of modules, acts both as a regular sofa and as a place to sleep if desired. The cover is durable and easy to clean, making everyday life easier for staff. The Skye armchair is chosen in a fresh blue color that gives the room a breath of fresh air and together with the soft “nudges” it is possible to use as a coffee table, nudge to sit on and to relax with the legs up. All furniture is safe and designed to withstand heavy use and wear. The windows are equipped with the suicidal curtain solution, where a patented curtain rail and associated hooks, prevent suicide and self-harm. The unique curtain hooks can be easily refitted by the staff on the rail, so no external assistance is needed to remount on re-fitted curtains. Something that saves both time and money, and makes it easy to maintain a nice environment for both patients and staff. If you are curious to read more about the unique furniture, or inspiration to create safe and normalized environments, we are always available for dialogue. Contact our consultant Cornelia Løvenskjold by mail or phone 4497 1188.