How to create another room with the same furniture? We try to do this in our authentic showroom in Hillerød.

In Quarter 2 of our interior design of the authentic showroom, we wanted the furnishing plan to meet different needs. We wanted to accommodate users who want to be together in community, while others may need to be themselves. The lime green color which makes up about 60% signals the withdrawal of energy, and contributes to a subdued and relaxed environment. Charcoal signals cold, stagnant and provides calm and depth and storm blue contributes with a cool breeze and subdued freshness. Dynamic shapes, shielding furniture, rowing colours and fabric-like textiles help to give a low arousal.

Thus, the color palette as well as furniture remain the same as quarter 2. The lineup shall be moved into two groups. Isolated from the outside world with virtuoso high back , as well as open in space with Roku Asuka 2 man sofa. The sofa chairs make it possible to actively choose between retreating and looking out towards the atrium, or sitting in common. The diversity of the furniture provides different sensory experiences depending on the need.

You are always welcome to contact us and experience our authentic showroom.