Safehinge Primera mechanical locking systems provide a safe working day for patients and employees. With a unique and patented construction, they can withstand any attempt at barricade.

The ligature-proof mechanical locking systems from Safehinge Primere have proven through use and testing that they live up to the promise of providing a safer everyday life for patients and employees. They are intuitive to use, making life easier for staff and ensuring fast operation – especially in stressful situations. At the same time, they are robust and ideal for retrofitting, with maintenance and installation costs low. It is important that staff always have access to patient rooms, and on this basis our 5-way SOS (Staff Override System) locking system was designed. It is the most complete and ligature-proof mechanical locking system in our portfolio of locks and handles to date. The locking system is patented and is designed to withstand any kind of barricade of doors. A property that provides peace for employees and ultimately helps save lives.

Independently tested

The locking system is independently tested according to TS001 by Exova and classifies our locking set as a ligature-proof solution at the highest level in its product category. We have just chosen this classification to get a reliable indicator of the product’s properties.

Designed to resist attempts at barricade

We know that barricades happen and therefore we have designed our Personal Override System (SOS), with five override methods. This allows you to always access a room even if a patient tries to clog the keyhole or holds onto the internal handle/pull.

Like the other ligature-safe handles from Safehinge Primera, the handle is independently tested and approved in accordance with the TS001 certification and is thus approved at the highest level within their categories.

Download the brochure on the unique ligature-proof locking systems and see how it can withstand barricades For further information and prices, please contact Cornelia Løvenskjold at or phone 26804848.