New from Arkisafe: Toothbrush for secured environments

We are very proud and happy to present another new story in Arkisafe. A specially designed toothbrush for psychiatry, prisons, settlements and other environments with special needs.


Arkisafe has as a stated goal, continuously developing our product range in close cooperation with our customers and partners. A frequently sought after product has been a secured toothbrush.

The toothbrush poses a great risk in many places and the consequence of this is limited freedom for patients, residents and inmates. The toothbrush is designed and tested so that in far more situations, staff can let the patient or inmate take care of his own personal hygiene without supervision and presence.

Our specially designed toothbrush is the safest available on the market today. The handle is designed and done with a surface that makes the toothbrush easy and comfortable to use. The material, shape and length make the toothbrush flexible and give the user an experience of normalization and freedom to provide personal hygiene.

The toothbrush is widely used in North American psychiatry departments, fuses and prisons.

The toothbrush provides an increased quality of life (normalization) for the user and saves resources and time spent on staff.


Other information:

  • Suitable for challenged environments
  • Produced in impact-resistant material
  • Self-damage/damage secured design of shaft
  • The bendability of the toothbrush makes it impossible to use as a plug weapon.
  • Normal-sized brush head
  • DuPont® high-quality brushes
  • 11 cm in total length
  • Fully flexible handle
  • The toothbrush has an average shelf life of 6 weeks.
  • The toothbrush is found in the colours blue or orange
  • The toothbrush comes in packs of 100 pieces in one colour

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