From Safehinge Primera, we are proud to present a brand new ligature-resistant door handle/grip in beautiful, secure and normalized design.

The door handle is designed and developed with input from more than 40 groups and individuals – from clinical staff and architects to technically responsible as well as service users. The new ligature-resistant handle has a modern and contemporary look without compromising the robustness, durability and other unique characteristics of the handle.

Invisible back plate

In the development of the new handle/grip, we listened to the desire to get a bracket without a visible back plate and still retain the robustness and secure fastening. Most secure handles and handles all have a large back plate for added durability and ease of use, but we’re pleased to have created a design that exudes simplicity and normalization without compromising safety.

Like the other ligature-safe handles from Safehinge Primera, the handle is independently tested and approved in accordance with the TS001 certification and is thus approved at the highest level within their categories.

Download the brochure on the new ligatur-proof door handle and see more for the unique locking systems: For further information and prices, please contact Cornelia Løvenskjold at or phone 26804848.