The new multi-cutlery is designed specifically to reduce the possibility of self-harm and attack in challenged environments and is therefore a safer alternative to metal cutlery. The black cutlery is made of fiber-reinforced PA (Polyamide), which is a type of nylon that is characterized by both being strong and being able to withstand high temperatures. The cutlery is designed to maximize ease of use while reducing the ability to convert it into a weapon, it is therefore designed with reinforcements around the edges, cavities in the shaft and in the blade. The special design provides strength and the material prevents the cutlery from destruction being sharpened. All products can withstand use in microwave and dishwasher Economic and environmental benefits The cutlery series has both economic and environmental benefits. Since the cutlery can be reused a number of times, the lifetime cost will be much lower than when using, for example, standard one-off service. At the same time, the amount of plastic waste is reduced and thus a positive imprint is ensured in the environment. In the series there is a knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon. See the full range of cutlery, glass and service on our product pages In Swedish radio there has been a programme where this particular product line was treated. Listen to here Read also a small article about Hallanstalten in Halmstad, who has experienced success with the use of the cutlery series: