After many inquiries from several psychiatric wards, we are pleased to have added a disposable vase – specially developed for psychiatry – to our range.

The vase is an environmentally friendly disposable vase that is very suitable for wards in psychiatry that want to make vases available to patients and caregivers. The disposable vase is made of cardboard and folded into a vase that can stand stable when filled with flowers and water. The papvas are equipped with a typeable field, allowing a message to be left on the vase from the relatives. Other specifications on the vase:

  • The vase can hold water for up to 2 weeks.
  • The vase is discarded after use.
  • The design is space-saving as it comes in plano sheets and only folds when it is needed.
  • The material is environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • Easy handling. The vase is collected by the relatives and can stand in the living rooms without fear of self-harm or inappropriate use.
  • The vase makes it possible to conserve resources in relation to, among other things, the use of the vase. cleaning, washing dishes, storage.
  • Minimises the risk of violence or the use of objects for violence.

The vase is ordered in packages of 100 pieces and can be ordered through our webshop, where you can also see more pictures. The vase can be ordered in the Region capital’s SAP system and Region Zealand’s Oracle purchasing system. For further information, please contact Cornelia Løvenskjold on 2680 4848 or