Unique one-piece construction creates an extremely strong, completely water-repellent wardrobe

Our Ryno Open Wardrobe is the latest addition to our popular Ryno Bedroom range and is designed to be the same depth and width as the Ryno Chest and Ryno® Desk.



  • One-piece construction provides excellent strength, minimizes hiding possibilities and is completely water resistant
  • Designed specifically to minimize ligature risks
  • Flame retardant antimicrobial polymer
  • Can be easily wiped off and quickly, ready to use again
  • Sloping shelves and top to reduce the ability to climb
  • Floor and wall can be secured with safety fixations
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  • UK registered design no. 6195591/6195592
  • 1 color in stock for faster delivery times (Moonwalk Grey)
  • 2 options available (fully hailed or other option with more free space for hanging clothes)
  • Other Ryno colors® can be ordered with extra costs and longer delivery times
  • Wardrobe should be attached to walls / floors with powerful anti-tampering fixations to create a safe and secure environment
Height 2000 mm
Width 698 mm
Depth 510 mm
Weight 45 kg