Arkisafe can now unveil our new authentic showroom, which is located in Hillerød psychiatry

Our authentic showroom focuses on patients, staff and relatives getting a sense of ownership of Arkisafe’s furniture.

With our authentic showroom, the idea is that it is possible for patients, relatives and staff to test the furniture, which is specially designed for psychiatry/challenged environments.

This allows us to get the response of all users on our décor and furniture.

The interior design focuses on safety, low arousal and homeliness.

The authentic showroom is divided into three zones. The zones have each been given a different colour scheme.
This helps each room have its own character, and makes it b.la. easier to find your way.
The choice of colours and textiles is matched to create a homely expression.

Our furniture is designed with an upholstery that makes all surfaces water-repellent.

Here is an insight into the first zone:

The first zone is furnished to meet different needs. The space encourages you to be together, or for those who need to be themselves.

The choice of the Lime green color is to contribute to a subdued and relaxed environment. The dynamic shapes, shielding furniture and the rowing colours help to give a low arousal.

Our authentic showroom can be visited freely. If you are interested in knowing more, we can be booked for a meeting in Hillerød psychiatry.

We can be contacted at:

telephone: +45 88 63 43 00

Email: arkisafe@arkisafe.dk

Next week, we will unveil our layout of the second zone.