Normalized and safe environments help patients to more quickly heal and improve their condition. With specially designed furniture, it is now even more possible to decorate patient beds where safety, safety and normalization are united.

The development of specially designed furniture for psychiatry has been significant in recent years, and at Arkisafe we are pleased to negotiate the market’s leading products for the interior design of common rooms, outdoor environments, bathrooms and patient rooms in challenged environments. In our daily work and dialogue with, among other things, psychiatry, we often find that it can be a challenge to find solutions that meet all the requirements and needs of:

  • Functionality
  • Anti-ligature design
  • Furniture designed to prevent violence and self-harm
  • A secure construction that prevents the possibility of storing things in the furniture
  • Cover with antibacterial coating that makes it easy to clean and ensure good hygiene
  • A normalised design that can provide a safe environment for patients and staff

Customize the furniture to your needs

With the wide range of furniture, it is now possible to fulfill all of the above wishes. All products are specially designed and the vast majority can be adapted to the exact needs. This includes, for example, the ability to add weight in chairs and tables to make them difficult to handle and move on. The possibility of choosing a cover in a modern color, which is at the same time extremely durable and has good hygienic properties is also present. All the textiles that can be selected are flame retardant and anti-bacterial. The hallmark of all furniture is that they withstand hard use, have a long service life and good operating economy.

Safe furniture makes a difference

In recent years we have been around in Arkisafe in Denmark and the Nordic region and installing furniture. It makes us proud and happy to receive feedback that these safe furniture makes a positive difference in everyday life. From multiple installations, we receive feedback that:

  • Violent incidents are reduced
  • Everyday life has become calmer for patients, staff and relatives alike
  • Well-being has increased in the environment with the safe furniture.
  • The furniture is easy to clean
  • The furniture has lived up to the expectations
  • The furniture is much more durable than previously used furniture

The picture is from a patient room in the Special Squares in Frederikssund.

Inspiration for the design of patient beds

Teal LifeCare furniture is offered in many variants and specifications according to need and desire for safety:

For further information and knowledge about our furniture, please contact Cornelia Løvenskjold always ready to help at,direct phone 26804848 or 44971188.