Products for the prevention of self-harm and suicide attempts in, among other things, psychiatry, detention centres, residences and asylum centres

We are very proud to launch our new department – Arkisafe – which with a number of unique products wants to help reduce the number of incidents around suicide attempts, self-harm and violence against staff within, among other things. psychiatry, detention centres, prisons. With a number of unique products, our goal is to ensure a better and more normalized everyday life for users.


Suicide is the leading cause of death for the 3,700 prisoners in Denmark. On the first day of prison, the risk is greatest, then the risk is significantly reduced. The majority of suicides among inmates in Denmark occur by hanging. From 2005 to 2013, on average, two suicides were committed among psychiatric patients per month during hospitalisation or on the day of discharge. In 2014, 168 suicides and 68 suicide attempts were reported in psychiatry. An increasing challenge with major human and economic consequences.


The products are all designed, developed and produced by the Swedish design company James & Thedin, which specializes in the design and production of unique suicidal products.


Arkisafe is part of Arkitex, which for more than 30 years has supplied curtains and sun screen for both the public and private business markets.

At Arkitex we offer everything within new acquisitions of curtains, roller, lacquer and plissé curtains, blinds and blackout, sun and safety films. For this, external sun-shielding solutions such as, among other things, awnings and screens as well as we wash, servicing, maintenance and service.

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