Psychiatric Center Sct. His – closed department, choose suicide prevention curtain solution with blackout from Arkisafe

At the closed ward at the Psychiatric Center Sct. Hans in Roskilde, the suicide prevention curtain solution with blackout has been fitted in their emergency room, sanserum and patient rooms. A curtain solution with its unique design of both curtain rod and hooks, prevents suicide, self-harm and violence and creates a more safe environment for both patients and employees.

The curtains are blackout, and thus an optimal solution for patients, as they can shield themselves and get the best possible peace both day and night. A normalization that often ensures a faster healing and improvement of their condition. Employees benefit from the fact that the solution does not include loose parts that can be destroyed or used to self-harm or be used as weapons. The curtain rod consists of three parts: rod, hooks and end stops. The solution has been tested by SP, Technical Research Institute of Sweden. The hooks loosen from the rod by affecting weight. One hook loosens at a maximum of 1.5 kg and a curtain with 20 hooks at a maximum of 16.7 kg of pull. The video below shows in the super-slow how the hooks fall off the curtain rod at the drag. If you want more information about the curtain solution, we are always ready to help you. Call our specialist Cornelia Løvenskjold on 44 97 11 88 or write to We look forward to hearing from you.