For 3 months we have had the specially developed Magna sofa for testing at Psychiatry South in Vordingborg, to gain some experience with its strength and applications. The Magna sofa is specially designed for challenging environments and withstands heavy use due to its solid build and durable cover. The sofa can be delivered in 1-3 people size and in many different colors and covers.

After the test period, we have received this feedback from Connie Pedersen, Head of Department at Psychiatry South in Vordingborg (Oringe):

“The Magna sofa is a fantastic piece of furniture in our de-escalating environment, where patients can experience peace and at the same time rest.

It is excellent, decisive and very appropriate that it is possible to choose the colour and fabric that suits the stress-reducing wallpaper and the environment as a whole. The Magna sofa is a welcomingly nice “teddy bear furniture” that is not like an institution and where you can find peace and quiet – it almost climbs onto your back.

The sofa also has a formidable seating comfort if you just want to sit in it and use the large flat screen for soothing music or movies.

An added benefit is that it is also produced in a leather look, which is hygienic and easy to clean, so that the sofa always appears appetizing and inviting.

The substance tolerates the rather coarse cleaning products used in hospitals and institutions.

The Magna sofa is solid and durable. It tolerates that many people use it and a not always gentle treatment.

We have placed the sofa in the screened unit in the section, where we have arranged an environmentallytherapeutic corner where patients themselves go and find peace or an intensive screen is established where the environmental therapeutic corner and sofa are actively included in the treatment”.

From Psychiatry Syd in Vordingborg, we have received these interesting links to articles that tell us about the positive development experienced by focusing on creating calm normalized environments, working together across departments and with patients and caregivers, and simply speaking to each other: