Yet the reshuffling of our authentic showroom has been underway!
Every three quarters we try to create and recycle our exhibited furniture.
The idea behind it is to show how the furniture can come into its own, as well as to show what opportunities individual furniture can create in the same room.

Our thoughts behind the choice of décor in:

Zone 1 , the LINX modular series has been used to shape a loungeroom area with room for close socializing, as well as the opportunity to sit with your back to if you need this. The color palette is neutral earth tones with virtuoso in lime green as a contrast. Linen beige, with its basic signal, quiet, gentle and warm in combination with the warm cappuchino brown creates a slightly uplifted, gently muted and restrained atmosphere in harmony with the calm and toned down green color.


In zone 2 , the furnishings consist of multifunctional benches in a wavy shape, in combination with the high-back sofa chairs in charcoal that shield. The color palette consists of green-blue, which is associated with deep lakes and signals silence and depth. Pacific blue is associated with turquoise sea and contributes a fresh, clear and cooling meaning. Porcini dining table in laminated wood brings nature further in, and gives a warm expression to the cold and calm colors.

In zone 3 , a traditional 2 seater designed sofa has been set up against the wall. The marked green color is associated with forest, plants and should help signal peace, deep calm and silence. Virtuoso high back sofa chairs in line beige contributed to a gentle and lukewarm atmosphere. The Zen recliner has been replaced with 2 armchairs in the color lime.


We hope that staff, relatives and patients will benefit from the new reshuffle.