Arkisafe has this week received secure windows that can be used in psychiatry and challenged environments.

Arkisafe’s window solution helps to create greater safety and the opportunity to create the best environment for a healthy indoor climate.

In challenged environments where safety is paramount, finding solutions that match all these needs can be a challenge.

We are therefore very pleased with our collaboration with Polar NE, which now enables us to advise and deliver their unique solutions in Denmark in the other Scandinavian countries.

Polar NE shares our mission to develop and create sustainable spaces where we, together with staff and patients, innovate and collaborate to create the best solutions.

In the range of specially developed window solutions for psychiatry and challenged environments, Humber Secure is one of the most popular products.

Humber Secure consists of an external sliding frame operated by a reduced ligature, knob, where access to the external sliding frame is limited by an internal stainless steel polarmesh.

PolarMesh can only be removed by the maintenance department, to allow cleaning of the inner side of the sliding frame, deep cleaning of PolarMesh or to replace PolarMesh.

The exterior sliding frame has the ability to lock in 3 positions (Fully open, Midpoint or Fully Closed) to allow personnel control over the level of natural airflow and temperature in the room. To promote the safety and security of the window, there are no glass moldings.

Humber Secure is on display in our showroom in Nivå, where you have the opportunity to come and see it!

If you want more information about the products from Polar NE, you are welcome to contact Cornelia Løvenskjold at, direct phone 26804848 or 88834300.