TV Protection Cabinet is an excellent protection of the TV in challenged environments.

The sturdy cabinet is made of robust, high-quality materials and coated with an antibacterial polyester powder coating. The front panel in the cabinet is polycarbonate, which is fifteen times stronger than glass, which gives confidence that the TV will be safe in the most challenging environments.

TV coverage benefits

  1. Slimline design ensures efficient space utilisation.
  2. Quick access door with security locks that allow only authorized access.
  3. Ventilation grille to ensure that the TV or monitors can cool.
  4. Tilt of top and base to ensure that ligature points are reduced.
  5. Size to suit the exact model of the screen – no need to buy a large cabinet.
  6. Polycarbonate display – resists high levels of exposure.
  7. Elastic construction that ensures that the most challenging behavior is overcome.
  8. Durable powder coated finish for an aesthetically pleasing finish.
  9. Hidden fastening holes to ensure easy installation of the TV protection cabinet.

The solution can be ordered in the following sizes:
40″ L 1026 x H 743.9 x D 150 mm
43″ L 1292 x H 781.1 x D 150 mm
48″ L 1195.1 x H 838.6 x D 150 mm
49″ L 1225.8 x H 856 x D 150 mm
55″ L 1350 x H 929.4 x D 150 mm

For further information and knowledge, please contact Cornelia Løvenskjold always ready to help at,direct phone 26804848 or 44971188.