Unique collection of suicide and self-harm prevention services, provides the opportunity to create a safe and normalized everyday life in challenged environments.


The desire to reconcile sustainability, normalisation and security has so far been a major challenge when it came to service to challenged environments. At Arkisafe, we have managed to include all 3 items in our collection of service, which includes glass, jugs, mugs, cutlery and plates. For all products, they are break and impact resistant, which helps to create a safe and safe everyday life in tough and exposed environments.


100% break-resistant drinking glasses and jugs
Our glass and jugs are manufactured in polycarbonate, at the same time all products are 100 break-resistant and have a modern design. There is glass in several designs and sizes, and selected models can be stacked.


Impact-resistant mugs and plates
In the range of service there are also plates and mugs in impact-resistant material, which makes daily use easy and safe.


Products in a modern design with unique properties.
Glass, jugs, cutlery and plates are break-proof and machine washable and microwaved, with a temperature hike from – 20 to + 120 degrees Celsius. The material is extremely durable and lasts about 15 – 20 times longer than regular glass products.

Plates and cutlery have been designed and developed by the Swedish Criminal Justice Agency and are widely used within the Danish Criminal Justice Service and Psychiatry in Sweden.

For further information, samples and prices, please contact Cornelia Løvenskjold on cornelia@arkisafe.dk or phone 44 97 11 88.


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Benefits of the product range

  1. The range of service is environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  2. The products last about 15 – 20 times longer than traditional glass.
  3. Polycarbonate glass tolerates temperatures from – 20 degrees to + 120 degrees and can be used in microwave.
  4. Glass and jugs have a high insulation capacity.
  5. Polycarbonate glass and jugs cannot burn
  6. The series increases safety in hard, stressed and exposed environments as the products cannot be splintered and are thus used as sharp objects for violence and self-harm.
  7. The product range has a longer service life than traditional one-off service and is thus more economical.