Innovative curtains from Arkisafe to prevent psychiatry

In connection with the newly built and innovative intensive section in Ballerup, there have been many important projects in terms of creating optimal frameworks for patients and staff.

Department nurse Anja Juul Andersen says that the project that has filled the most has been to find a curtain solution that meets the requirements for suicide protection and self-harm that psychiatry has. In addition, the curtain solution must be durable and not require external resources for repair.

Anja tells “The curtain solution is especially important for creating a nice environment and the possibility of screening when desired by staff and patients. The curtains must be strong and in a durable quality with blackout, so we ensure optimal conditions for optimal sleep and peace for the patients ”.

With special products and curtains from Arkisafe, the new intensive section of the Psychiatric Center Ballerup has been given a solution that is optimal for patients as they can shield themselves and get the best possible peace. A normalization that often ensures a faster healing and improvement of their condition.

Employees benefit from the fact that the solution does not include loose parts that can be destroyed or used to self-harm or be used as weapons. The curtain rod is impossible to get down as it is fitted with safety screws. The pull needed to tear down the curtain ensures that you cannot hang in the curtain and that the staff can easily set up the curtain – at no cost to external craftsmen/fitters.

The solution has been developed by Swedish designers James & Thedin, who specialise in the design and development of solutions for the prevention of self-harm and suicide attempts in, among other things, the psychiatry, detention centres, residences and asylum centres. In addition to the curtain solution, the product range includes hooks, a toilet roll holder, bathroom shelf, mirrors and garbage bags.

Read more about these products, download brochure and prices here.

The products are all designed to reduce the number of incidents around suicide attempts, self-harm and violence against staff. An increasing challenge with major human and economic consequences.


Info on the solution:

The curtain rod consists of three parts: rod, hooks and end stops. The solution has been tested by SP, Technical Research Institute of Sweden. The hooks loosen from the rod by affecting weight. One hook loosens at a maximum of 1.5 kg and a curtain with 20 hooks at a maximum of 16.7 kg of pull. See more here.

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